How is the Neighbourhood Plan funded?

Neighbourhood Planning groups are able to apply for Government funding to help meet the costs of preparing the NP.

Locality is the name of the grant provider and we are eligible to apply for a maximum grant of £9,000 to help meet the costs of the Plan. The Parish Council decided not to increase the parish precept to fund the cost, so it’s not costing you the ratepayer anything.  We are relying on the Government grant and any funding activities undertaken to raise money by the Steering Group.

What costs will the grant cover?

They will consider costs for the following: -

  1. Funding professional fees.
  2. Project costs such as advertising, provision of posters/banners etc., hire of rooms, postage, provision of a website, resident surveys/questionnaires.
  3. Other costs such as out of pocket expenses with a code of conduct for maximum claims e.g. car mileage rates, etc.

They will not fund purchase of capital items such as projectors, PCs, display boards etc.

What have we applied for?

We applied for, and have been successful in gaining, an award of £6,000 to cover the next 6 months expenditure (Apr – Sep ’17).  The costs for our project are front loaded, as we are lucky to have the services of 3 consultants who live in the village free of charge.  We have a Project Manager, an Accountant and a Town Planner who all live in the village. Once the 6 months expires we can submit a further request for additional funds up to the maximum of £9,000 in total.

Most of our significant costs occur within the next 6 months. Once the Plan is completed, after a public consultation with residents, a referendum will take place when residents will vote to agree if we should adopt the Plan.  The referendum costs will be met by NKDC.

How will the Finances be managed?

The funds have been sent to the Parish Council, and our Treasurer who is an accountant will oversee the finances, which will be approved by the Steering Group on items covered in our grant application. A Government department entitled Groundwork will then audit the whole process to ensure the funds have been used appropriately.