Strategic Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment

SHELAA stands for Strategic Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment, and is carried out by the Central Lincolnshire Joint Planning Unit.

Plots of land are assessed as to how many homes could be built on them.  The Central Lincs SHELAA helps to identify potential site allocations that may be required to meet future housing and employment need within Central Lincolnshire. The document lists all sites over 0.5ha or with an estimated capacity of 25 dwellings or more that have been suggested as future housing or employment sites. The first attachment below is the whole assessment for Central Lincs with the extract below showing relevant pages to Leasingham.

Central Lincs SHELAA, July 2015 (PDF, 20MB)

Central Lincs SHELAA, July 2015 – pages relevant to Leasingham (PDF, 4MB)